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Whether you’re buying your own home to live in or buying a house as an investment property, the process involves many of the same decisions. Buying a home is likely the most important and biggest investment decision you and your family will ever make. While buying a home isn’t based purely on investment related factors, it should still be looked at as an investment. Thus, Gotham takes great care to train its Agents on how to identify the potential positive or negative investment aspects of each real estate investment property in Los Angeles and beyond, to help bring more value and protection to you, the client.

Whether you are buying a single family home in Santa Monica, a condo in Arcadia, or a vacation house in Laguna, the steps below will give you a better insight into the buying process you will be going through. If you would like Gotham to help with your real estate investment in Los Angeles or elsewhere, please contact one of our Agents located throughout California, and let the search for your new home begin.



Whether you are buying a single family home, a condo, or an investment property, these steps will give you an idea of the process you will be embarking on when making your first Los Angeles real estate investment.


Is it better to rent or buy a house? That’s a question virtually all adults ask themselves at one point or another. There are pros and cons to renting, just as there are pros and cons to owning a home.


Gotham practices and preaches long-term buy and hold on residential investment acquisitions. Gotham’s Residential Investment Property Search is our way of providing our clients the direct benefits of the negotiating power of hundreds of investors and the backing of a team of specialists working on securing the very best deals…


One month before moving: 1. Fill out a change of address order form for the post office; 2. Fill out an IRS change of address form; 3. Make arrangements with a moving company or reserve a rental truck; and 4. Make travel arrangements, if…


The real estate market in Los Angeles and other California and US cities offers US and international investors some of the safest, highest growth, and best cashflow “ground floor” real estate investment opportunities in the world today…


Determining how much you can afford, or what payment you feel comfortable with, can be a tiring process. Calling lenders, looking at mortgage loan programs and interest rates can be confusing, to say the least. There is…


Gotham combines market leading software with its proprietary and pioneering real estate investment methodologies for houses in Los Angeles or elsewhere. We are committed to providing assistance to all clients with the purchase, sale, or lease of investment properties, from residential houses to multi-family, commercial, office, and retail buildings.


Gotham Relocation Department is designed to make your move into our area as stress-free as possible. We are dedicated to offering quality and professional real estate services…


If you are transitioning from renter to homeowner, the prospect of making such a large investment may be exciting, while at the same time overwhelming…

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