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Gotham is occasionally a Principal as well as, or independent of our Brokerage. We look to underwrite residential developments which meet our investment criteria and we look to acquire commercial office buildings for redevelopment. Please Contact Us if you are a developer focusing on these asset classes.

Serving developer’s needs from a brokerage perspective, Gotham offers comprehensive sales and marketing services for new residential developments:


  • Gotham is involved in property underwriting, in that it effectively agrees with a developer that it will secure a defined number of properties at an agreed price and then introduces purchasers to assume its obligations to purchase. Gotham’s purchase price, being the underwriting price, is a negotiated price at a discount to market to reflect a “bulk” purchase. If Gotham introduces an alternative purchaser, a proportion of that negotiated discount is ceded to that purchaser.
  • Underwriting property sales within specific developments will enable Gotham to use its skill set and buying leverage to source investment properties in selected developments for its clients, at wholesale prices. Gotham will underwrite the sale of a portion of the properties in a development by agreeing with the developer that it will facilitate the sale of a specified number of properties or acquire directly any shortfall, subject to specific conditions.
  • Gotham obtains a discount to market price for those properties as the developer derives the benefit of an “underwritten” development. Gotham will then introduce these properties to its clients, who enter into purchase contracts directly with the developer, who then cedes part of its negotiated discount to these clients.

SALES & MARKETING Advise on worldwide sales and marketing strategies:

  • Sales office staffing or in-house responsibility
  • Contract coordination
  • Access Gotham’s international distribution network

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