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Why Choose Gotham?

We believe superior coaching is where Agents are not only taught real estate fundamentals, such as contracts, prospecting, and holding open houses, but where Agents are also provided training on how to maximize their closing, command a greater commission percentage by offering more value, and build their own future brand that stands out from other “cookie cutter agencies.”

Unfortunately, most brokerages focus the majority of their training specifically on buyer and seller representation of the owner occupier demographic.The highest returns made in real estate are generated by professional real estate investors, both residential and commercial investors alike. So how does an agent transition from solely serving owner-occupiers, to evolving partnerships with investors willing to share profits and equity, to ultimately becoming a self-made, successful, wealthy, fulfilled real estate investor themselves?

For those that wish to elevate their knowledge and expertise well beyond anything taught at your normal agency in California, we also run Advanced Programs for real estate agents which focus on professional, high performance, high return real estate investment and acquisitions.

Gotham also boasts the finest 100% commission Program in California! Combining significant firsthand research from around the globe with a thorough investigation of literally every 100% commission agency in the marketplace, we tailor-made two 100% Commission Programs that we believe dramatically surpass the value and benefits offered by any competitor in California.

Gotham has garnered global notoriety by being featured in world-class news publications, and has even received accolades from government officials, including the Mayor of Los Angeles, thus shattering the stereotype that joining a 100% commission brokerage means that you will forgo quality, reputation or brand image. The evidence displayed regarding our training, personalized coaching, technology tools, branding and marketing, as well as our blue chip office location will showcase that our Associate and Advanced Programs are perfectly designed to suit your individual needs.

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